How to build loyalty FIFA 19

Although EA Sports has a team of great developers, still there is some glitch that you may encounter in the game. And it’s alright because I think there might not be any game available in the world without any glitch or bug.

Just like the other game, FIFA 19 also has a famous loyalty glitch, which is quite popular among people. But still, some of the FIFA 19 gamers don’t know about this glitch so to make them familiar with it I’m writing a detailed article on Loyalty Glitch.

What is Loyalty Glitch?

Loyalty Glitch is a kind of glitch in FIFA 19 in which, if the player played 10 or more than ten games for your club in the Ultimate Team mode, then he will be given loyalty.

It is a chemistry point that is given to any player after playing ten games. Some player also gets a direct loyalty after opening the packs.

However, if you will spending some coins to purchase the player from the transfer market, then he will not have any loyalty directly. If you want to have 100 chemistry in the game, then make sure to keep some players with loyalty in your club.


Build FIFA 19 loyalty on PS4

In case you want your player to have loyalty in the squad building challenge, then you are required to create your squad in a similar formation as in Squad Build challenge and with the similar players.

Work on your squad and compete the Team of the Week also known as TOTW in a single-player ultimate match. However, you can select the difficulty level according to the desire.

Start the game and after you kick-off, try to pass the ball to your defense for almost 50 to 60 seconds in the game time. Whenever the match time hit the one minute mark, then all your needs to do is to pause the game and hold the PS button that is located on your controller.

After that you need to go to the PS4 settings and enter Network settings where you will find the “Connect to the internet” option. This option is checked, you need to uncheck it and again check it.

 After then switch to the FIFA 19 game and you will find out that your Ultimate Team has been disconnected. Now you need to move to the main menu and make sure to boot the ultimate team again.

Now go the active squad where you will find that each player should have played only one game for the club you owned. Now keep on repeat the same process for all most nine more times.

After repeating the process, you will see that your team gets complete loyalty. The best thing about it is that thing method will not cause any harm to your win/loss ratio in the game, and even the overall games played will also remain the same.

So if you are a PS4 user and a player of FIFA 19, go and try the loyalty glitch until the EA Sports find it out and release a patch for it.


Build FIFA 19 loyalty on Xbox One

If you are an Xbox One user, then you need to adopt a bit different steps to get loyalty. Firstly you have to do a similar thing as in PS4 loyalty. Create a squad, complete with the TOTW, start the match and after one minute, hit the pause button.

Now here is where the difference comes, now you need to press the Xbox button and completely exit the FIFA 19 game. Load FIFA 19 back up on the dashboard and go to the Ultimate Team.

You will see that each player will have played only a single game. So now you just need to keep on following the similar process to get the ten matches mark.

However, this process might take a bit longer time on Xbox because FIFA 19 take some time to start from the scratch. However, EA Sports can any time bring a patch for the loyalty glitch.

So if you are unable to gain the player’s loyalty through the given process, then FIFA 19 must have release a patch for it.