Xbox project Scarlett aka Xbox two

Finally, during its big keynote in June, Microsoft announced the Xbox project Scarlett. Although it’s all super secret here are some features we know about.

Faster and more graphically advanced than its predecessors, Xbox Project Scarlett promises to be the most powerful games console (or consoles) in the world by the time it launches late in 2020 – with custom-built components from AMD, and an SSD drive at its heart allowing for innovative game development techniques. It’s unlikely to rival some of the top-end PCs when it launches next year ( the PS5 certainly won’t ) but it should offer a good price-to-performance ratio.


Using a custom-designed processor from AMD making use of Zen 2 and Navi architecture, Xbox Project Scarlett will be 4x more powerful than the Xbox One X. It’ll be possible of running games at 120Hz frame rates, at potential 8K resolutions, while also showcasing fancy real-time ray-tracing tech. It will also have a physical disk drive.

Indeed, Microsoft has confirmed that all your current Xbox One accessories will work with Xbox Project Scarlett, including existing controllers and headsets. But we’d doubt that also includes the ill-fated Kinect motion tracker.

Release dates

Likely between the months of October and December 2020. It’s exactly the same sort of launch period we’re expecting Sony to have for its PS5, too. It will be a really ruff year for Santa.

What can you play on it?

Halo Infinite is its first confirmed launch title, while all previous generations of Xbox console games will be covered by backward compatibility.


Microsoft won’t be pinned down on a price point yet. Roundabout 500$. But still, it all depends on the components. The move towards streaming, however, may lead to smaller hard drives – or maybe even the option to buy without a hard drive at all – which would certainly cut down costs.