Your Opportunities for the Proper Gaming Experience

Researchers have taught cars to drive using the gangster computer game “Grand Theft Auto V”. Experts explain that during the game, our method monitors the communication of the computer game with the graphics card and recognizes when objects, such as cars or pedestrians, are displayed. These are then automatically marked and we generate thousands of sample images with minimal effort.

Why is a computer game better than reality?

The team has found that the vehicles learn accurate maneuvers and data from the landscape in the virtual space much faster than with traditional methods. This new process can save a lot of time. “To illustrate the benefits of our method, we created thousands of images using the GTA V game and prepared them in just 49 hours. If we had wanted to manually process the same amount of images in the traditional way, one person would have needed twelve years of work.

The workload is thus minimized. The video games are already finished and can be used directly. Human performance is also minimized and this makes the process cheaper. In conventional methods, each object had to be marked manually. From the sites like Run 3 unblocked the opportunities are perfect now.

What significance does the new procedure have for the future?

Modern methods of machine learning and image comprehension benefit immensely from a large amount of data as different as possible, the more, the better. To do justice to this hunger for data, we must think about new ways of obtaining data. Computer games are very interesting for this because they represent scenes graphically realistic and we can automate the data acquisition with their help. For this reason, in addition to object recognition, they may also be interesting for other image processing issues, such as the 3D understanding of scenes. “

  • The legendary game World of War craft does not require installation, but only copying files to one of the free computer disks. In essence, computer entertainment of this type belongs to a new generation of computer games, and many of the online games today are not free. On the other hand, by paying a purely symbolic amount, a person receives a full service for his account, providing for the solution of all technical problems that may arise during the game.
  • The huge interest in online entertainment is explained not only by excitement, but also by the similarity of individual gaming functions with real-life actions, as well as the development trend of 3D graphics, which allows you to liven up the image and make it more realistic.

In addition, almost without exception, browser games are completely free, which is welcomed by schoolchildren and computer users who play games relatively rarely. However, there are online games that may require financial costs from you.